Founder and Heart of Headstand Technologies

Who I am

I am Verena, an experienced Software Engineer, Software Architect, and IT Consultant. I have worked for many different companies, helping them build performant, beautiful, and modern web applications.

My expertise lies in full stack development, from database, backend, and middleware services, up to frontend SPAs, web components and UI libraries.

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Verena Venus Profile

What I bring

I am able to leverage all parts of professional software development:


Designing stable, sustainable, and performant software architectures, e.g., 3-tier architecture, microservices, DDD concepts, and more. The tools I use are mainly arc42, UML, architecture decision records, and various documentation formats.


Whether it is a progressive web app, a Java Spring Boot service, a React or Angular frontend, a vanilla JavaScript project, you name it, I implement it. I strive to deliver the highest quality, using modern principles like git flow, clean code, code reviews, unit testing, semantic versioning, design patterns, and best practices.


Nearly every software project that lives longer than a couple of months has gathered some structural issues. I know how to tackle these and bring order to the chaos, bring back conformity with the software architecture, and install a stable base for further feature enhancements.


Keeping pace with the fast evolving software landscape can be a struggle, and what used to work great tends to slow down and become error-prone after a while. I can identify the underlying issues and provide solutions.


I love working in a great team. The agile way of working is my preferred modus operandi. I have experience with Scrum and Kanban since 2014, and I was leading a team as chapter lead (Spotify model). I am able to assist agile coaches, Scrum masters and POs with years long experience and insight in these processes.